1. Five years later and we’re still going strong. Nashville has given me the best girlfriends ever. They’re pretty and they’re smart. @annaworstell

    @lemoncaper and @vanentinevalentine we miss you ladies.
  3. I love that this joint is in my neighborhood. (at La Taqueria)

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  4. Last night I was called a shiksa goddess. I’m not sure how I should feel about that. However, if being a shiksa goddess continues to involve delicious meals and dancing to Frank Sinatra I’m into that.
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  5. emilyruhl:

    Brigitte Bardot

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  6. That Moment…

    When you just like someone. You feel joyful being your most genuine self and completely unselfconscious. They make you feel like the most important person in the universe - and you believe them. I wish I could bottle this feeling. It never lasts.

  7. Um, can I have this?
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  8. lemoncaper:

    You don’t get a nice ass by sitting on it.

    You’d be so proud of me Lo. I’ve been doing lunges for two weeks now. I love you tiny dancer.

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  9. My look of the moment…

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  10. QDP aftermath. #aquanet #bond #pitbull #bone #appletv #wine #teasingcomb